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European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment

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Next EFITA Conference in Poznan - (30-8-2012)
EFITA Newsletters - (18-12-2012)

- You can use the EFITA moderated list (>4000 subscribers) to announce any event / product / web site / joke (!) related to IT in agriculture, environment, food industry and rural areas...
- Since December 2002, the efita newsletter is published in html format.
- See hereafter the archives of the efita newsletter in rtf or pdf format More...

Subscribe the EFITA newsletter - (3-9-2003)
Newsletters' Archives - (21-7-2010)
Conferences and seminars - (25-8-2009)
European Catalogue of Software Products and Services - (25-8-2009)
EFITA Congresses - (29-1-2013)
Reports / Meetings / Books / Documents - (7-3-2011)
ICT in Agriculture: Perspectives on Technological Innovation - (25-8-2009)

The EFITA sponsored e-book titled "ICT in Agriculture: Perspectives on Technological Innovation" is now freely accessible. This e-book is designed to assist ICT decision makers by reviewing past ICT subject matter perspectives and ICT program results. The book was conceived as a tool for ICT decision makers, ICT developers, policy makers, scientists, extension and rural sector professionals. The book's main goal is to learn from past experience and secure recommendations for the future. The book is an ongoing project - comments are solicited and welcome. Contacts: Ehud GELB or Andy OFFER Email: gelb(a), andy.offer(a) More...

About EFITA - (20-8-2009)
agriXchange EU project - (16-9-2011)
VOA3R EU project - (16-9-2011)
Search engine on the website - (6-4-2006)
ACTA Informatique - (1-9-2003)

ACTA Informatique is hosting the EFITA web site, and is the editor of the efita newsletter... More...

Many jokes in French, English, etc. - (2-3-2007)
Visit to Paris by Ehud Gelb - (4-2-2005)
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